Beach parties

Spicy and hot beach parties are arranged for you only in the entertainment complex “Waterpark “Lebyazhy”! The best summer holidays in your life with music, dances and constant movement is guaranteed.

Bikini-party in “Lebyazhy” is the place where guests have a rest to the utmost. You can dance, swim, enjoy the tastiest cocktails and feel free and independent. Indulge yourself into tsunami of emotions, energy and euphoria and feel what makes our complex a truly unique place in Minsk! Only imagine: live music, best DJ, pool with real sea waves effect, enormous disco-bar with the dance-floor, soft and comfortable places and a pleasant small talk in the club “Terracy”.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a bar on the waves of “Lazy River” where you, staying right in the pool, can enjoy an abundance of cocktails, juices, fresh beverages and light snacks. If you feel tired of having fun and dancing, you can visit the closed beach territory in the open air or have a stroll along the dock! Everyone who has visited our beach parties, at least, once, would like visit us again and again, as Bikini-party in “Lebyazhy” is the most hilarious, spectacular and positive holiday which injects everyone with happiness and attracts like a magnet thousands of good people!

Remember to inform your friends that the dress code is swimming suits!