Corporate programs

Corporate programs

Our experience and opportunities help your to realize the most outstanding and ambitious plans! Professional team of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” provides you with a full services package on organization and holding corporate events of any kind! We are also glad to offer you our board room for presentations, platforms and business-meetings.

What does a special program means? First of all it is a kind of “crib sheet” for our corporate Customers, who can get an advising and consultation on any issue, make their own entertainment program in an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” with the help of personal consultant as well as collect a personal tariff and a list of services on constant basis for your company!


  • Program development of business meetings and unofficial events;
  • Budget planning and distribution;
  • Developing on an unique holiday script according to your requirements;
  • Guiding an event from the script to the group departure;
  • Providing of different instruments from sound and light equipment to tent constructions;
  • Realization of corporate events with participation of animators, entertainers, actors of any genre and DJs;
  • Design-project, production of printed materials;
  • Realization of the events with premises decoration and holidays dressing with balloons, flowers, textile and design elements;
  • Shipping logistics.


  • Presentations, conferences, negotiations (including international meetings with the services of translator);
  • Events working on reputation of your company (exclusive competitions, seminars, training courses, meetings with well-known people, themed exhibitions and others);
  • Newsworthy events of your company.


  • The corporate package include the services of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” for your employees (gym, pools, spa-center, sauna, baths, water entertainments, massages, cosmetic procedures and others);
  • Additional services for corporate customers (cuisine, photos and video films, recreations procedures and others).

Why are we better? What is the reason of choosing the rest in an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy”?

This is a kind of mini-vacation without any tickets to the sea for children and adults. It is a great opportunity to spend your time on a “tropic beach” in the borders of your country independent of weather or season.

It is a preventive health care. Water procedures in an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” improve your well-being, bring the muscles in tone, recreate your nervous system, release from swelling and stress as well as help to avoid a so spread “disease” of the 21st century depression and fatigue.

This is a comfortable and secure rest with a high pleasant service at low costs. There are always specialists nearby, whom you can and must rely on. You can also get a consultation form them. In amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” a man find himself in the atmosphere of care with all the conditions for a good rest and absence of discomfort.