Focused attention, good reaction and quick mind are required, otherwise your rivals will leave you trailing far behind! Dark Ride is a fantastic world-famous 7D attraction devoted to the outer space topic where players move in stylized trolleys through the lit scenes with animation, sounds, music, special effects and the unique scenery.

The journey into the Dark Ride space world begins with player’s teleportation to the space military station near the planet Vektris where the headquarters is located. Standing in a queue, the player receives video and audio instructions and gets familiar with the aim of the mission. Then the passengers get into the military vehicles (trolleys) and move to the combat center through the teleport. The team has the aim to help human-beings to return the research laboratory, captured by pirates, where energy crystals, Muonits, are being extracted. During the battle, each player does his best in getting game points both as an individual and team player. The best individual fighters and team-players in accordance with the battle results are displayed on a special monitor at the end of the trip. At the exit of this attraction, players pass through the gift shop and photo zone.

The attraction, perhaps, awakes the interest in children to a deeper understanding of the history and surrounding world, enables to develop such important life qualities as memory, persistence and imagination. All the elements of the attraction are absolutely safe, so you can focus only on the exciting impressions which will be more than enough!