7 bars


Aromatic coffee, cold cocktail and Viennese waffles freshly cooked by order. It’s all you can find in the “HALL-BAR”. Quiet and cozy place with the capacity up to 40 people is ideal for meeting. Meanwhile, you can easily find this place. The bar is located on the first floor. Sipping a cup of green milk tea, you can share the news and enjoy the talk with your friends. Soft sofas, not-too-high tables, fresh newspapers and TV are on offer for making you feel relaxed. You will be pleasantly surprised with an immense list of cocktails and desserts which, certainly, will stick upon your memory as adorable memories about “yummy” rest.


Have you already enjoyed the stone or chocolate therapy? Have you charged with positive energy and want to keep this pleasant feeling as long as possible? Then you are welcome to “SPA-bar” which you definitely should attend. The cozy place with the unique interior design is adorned in the center of the SPA-complex. You will have an incredible rest in the bar not only after health-promoting procedures but also during sports activities. Bar counter, swimming pool, lounges… You will plunge into the warm atmosphere which prevails at the sunny beaches; it will evoke the memories of the sea, freaking dances on the beach and the positive emotions you experienced. We are glad to offer you a huge selection of herbal tea, oxygen cocktails, fresh juices, vitamin cocktails and mousses. Having a rest is not only cool but healthy!


Open barbeque in the summer garden is located near the orchard-house. Perhaps, “GRILL BAR” is the most exotic place for having a “yummy” rest. It can be easily found in the open summer site on the second floor. The balcony overlooks a panoramic view of the picturesque and beauty scenery of the lake and the amazing landscape. Here you can bask in the sun, talk and meet your friends. The menu is highly diverse: steaks, shashlik and vegetables cooked on the open-fire. You will be certainly pleases with coffee oriental made on the sand in the special machine.


Are you really a dynamic person for whom sports is the whole world? Are you a regular gym-visitor who counts the amount of calories? We have a special offer for you! We are glad to offer our “PHYTO-bar” to the visitors of the fitness center. You will not have to cook protein cocktails at home any more. Protein cocktails take the essential part of our bar menu, as well as oxygen cocktails, artesian water and eco-products. Sports magazines dwelling on the achievements of your favorite sportsmen are put on the tables for your fully disposal. Who knows, maybe soon you will shine on the front page of the magazine!


Are you fascinated with freaking dances and noisy companies? We are waiting for you in “DISCO-bar” located in the club zone “Terraces” on the fourth floor. Here you will keep amused and fling yourself into the atmosphere of a club party. The offered menu is as diverse as the music. For those who enjoy having light and healthy meals, we are happy to offer out sushi-bar. Gourmets of the unique cocktails will be impressed with a chocolate fountain and fountain with party beverages. The cozy tables facilitate to holding small talks and discussing the latest trend line in the arts. The bartenders-show and unique entertainment program will spark scenes of euphoria amongst the visitors.


Milk cocktails, chocolate, vast diversity of desserts are on offer. Children will highly appreciate your care and delicious menu. “Children’s bar” is located on the basement floor at the entrance to the amusement place Dark Ride. After a stiff fight with the virtual monsters and green men from another planet, the small heroes would like to have a snack. A special sweet menu will fill them up with strength and energy. The top dish of the caf? is a soft ice-cream with an abundance of fillings. Even parents will feel a taste of childhood.


The bar is on the waves of a “still water”. This is the unique place for having a pleasant rest as it is located on the water and the visitors, being right in the swimming pool, can enjoy the largest list of shakes, drinks, cocktails, fresh juices, light snacks. The image privilege of this unusual place is the democratic atmosphere; visitors are placed into the informal setting what creates the feel of freedom. You will be amazed by the top service and nice interior setting; mild light and decent music will take you away from daily routine. If you are looking for the best place to relax, unburden your depression and stresses, if you adore visiting new places and get used to spending time with a good company in a bar, you will certainly admire the river bar in the entertainment complex “Waterpark Lebyazhy”! Friendly staff, various lotteries and games, superb mood and, above all, excellent cuisine and a vast range of cocktails! River bar is the best decision for organizing holidays, corporate parties, wedding receptions and other events!