Thermal complex

Thermal complex

The “Waterpark “Lebyazhy” invites guests to the aqua thermal complex located within its territory. Indulge yourself with Russian banya, sauna, Turkish hamam, laconium, tepicarium, caldarium and salt therapy room.

Russian banya. The Russian banya, or the traditional Russian steam bath, is one of the best ways to relieve fatigue, relax and rejuvenate. Hot steam improves the physical well-being, sleep, appetite, alleviates or significantly eases emotional stress and depression.  The inside temperature is 65 °C. Humidity 100%.

Turkish hamam. The quality of the Turkish hamam relies heavily on the latest steam generators and special lamps that do not absorb oxygen. Body scrubbing, oriental massage, body wraps, and aromatherapy will be an excellent complement to your day in the Turkish hamam! Hamam has a special lightning system for creating special light effects and enhancing the overall invigoration and relaxation when staying in this kind of sauna. The inside temperature is 45 ° C. Humidity100%.

Sauna. Our Finnish sauna, carefully designed and constructed from the highest quality wood, has a salt therapy wall. The blend of these two elements provides a perfect healing effect for both the soul and body.  The curative environment saturated with the salt ions is particularly healing for respiratory and skin conditions.  Hot steam of the sauna gets deep into the lungs and opens up the pores to rid the organism from respiratory diseases and skin inflammations. This procedure decreases pain and speeds up the regenerating period. It is a kind of a dry-steam bath with the temperature of 95 °С and humidity of 15 %.

Laconium. This type of a dry heat treatment bath is recommended for people for whom high temperature o high humidity of traditional sauna is contraindicated. With the temperature of about 50 - 60°, after a short time the body is warmed such that it is perfectly detoxified through intensive perspiring. This procedure has no medical contraindications and almost each and every one could fully enjoy it.

Tepidarium. Physiological regenerating bath with the temperature inside of 37 - 39°C dated back to the Roman bathing culture. The room is designed in such a way to make a long comfortable stay pleasant. The peculiarity of the TEPIDARIUM is the regular and pleasant radiation warmth emitted from the stone walls and floors, excellent rest and “sunny baths”. Humidity is around 20 %, the inside temperature can be up to 15 °C below the temperature of the walls and seats.

Caldarium. “A warm air cabin” with high humidity and the inside temperature of 37 - 39°C is the ideal place for deep relaxation. Light therapy, sound therapy and aroma therapy contribute to having a great rest. Soothing light, pleasant music, aroma oils could be individually set.

Halotheraphy. Salty cave or room is aimed at treating, preventing and rehabilitating people from respiratory diseases in the artificial climate of the salty rooms where the main curable aspect is aero-dispersing environment saturated with dry salt aerosol. Halotherapy is proven to clear mucus from the airways and provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects on the upper and lower respiratory tracks. Relaxing and tranquiller aspect of a halotherapy session enables to reduce the stress and acquire normal sleeping habits.

Feel the harmony and mental regeneration with halotherapy! As we do our utmost to provide good care to the microenvironment and comfort. Baths from different countries have their own traditions, meanwhile they pursue the common aim at guaranteeing the physical and spiritual cleaning.