Fitness gym

Fitness gym

Aerobics, shaping, pilates, yoga, strength fitness, strip dance, club dance, zumba, Indian and oriental dances, children's fitness. Individual training programs tailored to the needs of the client. Consultation on healthy and balanced diet.

Classes are held in the fitness hall under the supervision of professional, experienced and attentive instructors who are aware about all modern trends and achievements in the global fitness industry.

Classes include:

  • cardio workout;
  • strength training exercises with or without the associated equipment (dumbbells, body bars, tubes, isotonic rings, fitness balls, etc.);
  • shape-programs  correctly distributing the workout and including fat-burning exercises;
  • exercises under D. Pilates’s system to strengthen muscles supporting the correct posture;
  • elements of various dances, combat sports, etc.
  • aerobic exercises (running, walking, hopping);
  • choreograph classes;
  • stretching exercises;
  • exercises with the elements of gymnastics and acrobatics.

Sets of exercises are simple. That means that everyone can join in. The most important is that the exercises are specially selected for achieving fast results in decreasing body fat and improving core stability. The blend of strength training, cardio workout, dance moves, stretching exercises, etc. will help to improve your physical condition. Professionals know that the choice of the fitness hall is a responsible process that needs to be given enough time and attention. It is necessary to understand that it is an investment in your health and physical development! And remember, if you want to look good and feel great, stick to the basic principle that sounds: "training, training and once more training!"