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About us

Amusement complex Waterpark “Lebyazhy”

If you want a perfect vacation or get a lot of new experiences, then you are on the right track. The entertainment complex “Waterpark “Lebyazhy” is the biggest unique territory in Belarus, where different formats of entertainment combined with the latest technology and high-quality service. 

It is the first real park of water attractions in Belarus, the fifth by its size in Europe. Waterpark is located in the eco-friendly district of Minsk in close proximity to the city centre and not far away from the main road ring junction and Pobediteley avenue, one of the important traffic artery. The territory of the waterpark “Lebyazhy” lies on the bank of the reservoir “Drozdy”. 

A summer open-air children’s water town with a swimming pool and attractions, the landscape park with cycle runs, sites for doing sports and the quay with dock are located within the territory of the complex with the total area of 38 ha.

A five-level complex includes:


Modern Park of water entertainments – the Waterpark

Water entertainments in the Waterpark include the open and enclosed water zones with slides, attractions and pools for both children and adults. Each guest can choose the height of the slide from which he is eager to make a thrilling descent down. There is a wide range of attractions: water slides, fountains, “lazy river”, etc. and pools for surfing with the effects of sea waves. The water zones possess the sound and video broadcast system, light and sound effects what produces the opportunity for arranging disco parties, shows and topic-based holidays on the water.

For the safety of our guests are constantly monitoring the rescuers, and for young swimmers we have rental lifejackets.

Do you want to make a race to dive the spiral stairs, make a steep climb or descent, to be carried by a parabolic trough or relax in the whirlpool of foam fountains and souls impressions? 

We are waiting for you!


Attraction Dark-Ride

Dark Ride - this is a real space station, where the line between real and virtual is blurred. Such an amount of different slot machines, equipped with the latest technology, at the same site you will never find anywhere else.

Virtual combat with aliens and monsters. Do you think it is from the world of fantasy? No, it is possible in the Dark Ride attraction. We promise a captivating adventure with an abundance of dangers and traps, surprises and special effects.


Children’s entertainment center “KaZki”

Children dream of finding themselves in a magic world similar to that from the fairytales, and parents prefer a quiet rest and chat, while the younger generation is descending down the slides, jumping on trampolines and "swimming" in the pool with balls. Life-size puppets, labyrinths, children's game machines, holidays, 5D cinema, food courts, soft playing area for toddlers, merry-go-rounds, musical theater "Electronic Musicians", master classes and seminars - all this awaits you in our family center "KaZki"!


Fitness center with premium Pride Fitness House

We have the widest range of strength machines GYM 80! Professionals know that the equipment of this brand is considered to be one of the best in Europe! We are pleased to offer training exercises with modern and reliable equipment of high-quality which mimics your body’s natural path of motion. Besides, we are proud to offer classic multifunctional stations and load machines promoting full range of motion positions. And, certainly, the cardio simulators SportsArt! They all have modern powerful design, immaculate construction and high-level reliability. Due to this feature, they are ideal in using and produce no sound.

If you want to achieve great results in body-building or keeping yourself fit, visit us! We know it for sure that muscles strengthening of the back makes the figure beautiful and the movements become more self-assured. As well as, it enables to remove pain in the lumbar and vertebral column and relieve load on cartilage discs. Therefore, our training hall is equipped with a set of professional machines for developing a strong muscular back. We understand the importance of strengthening the muscles in the chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen and legs; hence we are pleased to provide four sections with different training machines and equipment: Cardio, Stretching, Strength, Fitness section

We have a great choice of folding and plastic dumbbells varied from heavy to light. Fitness equipment includes: body bars, ropes, step-platforms, hula hoops, fitness balls, weight machines, fitness frames and racks. Professional instructors will be at your service!


SPA Territory

Our Spa salon offers invigorating treatment for the whole body with only natural components, such as seaweed, salt, therapeutic mud and healing power of herbs.

SPA-center “Lebyazhy” is perfectly suitable for providing SPA-procedures for two persons, as well as arranging the corporate events and birthday parties!

You will immerse yourself into the world of harmony where you could feel a touch of the sea waves and the magnificent hands of the beauty-specialists, meanwhile each specialist has the medical certificate. Thoroughly selected music will carry you away to the sea or jungles, or, upon your preferences, you could hear the sounds of the wind or seagulls. Our task is to show you the result of the procedures in the shortest time.


Beach-party zone (VIP-zone) – club “Terracy” with the places for the rest and official buffet dinners

We are proud of our club “Terracy” created within the territory of the entertainment complex “Waterpark “Lebyazhy”! It has no analogue in Belarus! We offer VIP-zone only to those who are above 18 years old (18+) where each guest will find himself in democratic and liberal atmosphere. The dress code is only swimming suits! The best DJs from Belarus and other countries will pamper you with your favorite tracks. An abundance of cocktails will surprise even the most fastidious guests.

Event-team in the Waterpark “Lebyazhy” can arrange any holiday for you, should it be a marriage proposal or a simple visit to the Waterpark with a big company.

We will prepare a special scenario for your event and organize it in such a way that you and your guests will be fully pleased. Individual approach, responsible and high-quality work and great rest is guaranteed! We are glad to offer eye-catching, amazing and spectacular programs, live concerts, choreographic performances, festivals and theme-based holidays, games, for example “Mafia”, water attractions and private events.


Fast food restaurant “Country Chicken” and 7 bars

Country Chicken is the famous Australian premier fast food franchises. Feel the inimitable taste of juicy, fried and crisp chicken, unique flavours from Australia, technologies of cooking on the oil extracted from cotton seeds without even a drop of cholesterol with Country Chicken.

7 bars located within the territory of the entertainment complex “Waterpark “Lebyazhy” invite visitors and offer them to enjoy the dishes from the best cooks! International cuisine, comfortable atmosphere, tastiest desserts and a vast list of cocktails are on offer!



Quiet and cozy place with the capacity up to 40 people is ideal for meeting. Sipping a cup of green milk tea, you can share the news and enjoy the talk with your friends. Soft sofas, not-too-high tables, fresh newspapers and TV are on offer for making you feel relaxed. 



The cozy place with the unique interior design is adorned in the center of the SPA-complex. We are glad to offer you a huge selection of herbal tea, oxygen cocktails, fresh juices, vitamin cocktails and mousses. Having a rest is not only cool but healthy!



Protein cocktails take the essential part of our bar menu, as well as oxygen cocktails, artesian water and eco-products. Sports magazines dwelling on the achievements of your favorite sportsmen are put on the tables for your fully disposal. Who knows, maybe soon you will shine on the front page of the magazine!



The cozy tables facilitate to holding small talks and discussing the latest trend line in the arts. The bartenders-show and unique entertainment program will spark scenes of euphoria amongst the visitors.



Milk cocktails, chocolate, vast diversity of desserts are on offer. Children will highly appreciate your care and delicious menu. 



This is the unique place for having a pleasant rest as it is located on the water and the visitors, being right in the swimming pool, can enjoy the largest list of shakes, drinks, cocktails, fresh juices, light snacks. 



Open barbeque in the summer garden is located near the orchard-house. Perhaps, “GRILL BAR” is the most exotic place for having a “yummy” rest. The menu is highly diverse: steaks, shashlik and vegetables cooked on the open-fire.


The store

If you came to the waterpark and something was not at hand - at your service our store. Here you will find a large selection of necessary things for children's and adult rest. It provides friendly and always ready to help sellers.


Entertainment complex Waterpark “Lebyazhy”-  is a lot of fun and positive. Come and see for yourself!