Bright emotions are familiar to those who have been at the sea, at least, once. Coming back home from the vacations, we look through the things we used in that sea-season: sunny glasses a stranger stepped on accidentally, pirate bandana as a gift from the ship’s captain and a leather bracelet which was always on your hand and keeps bounds of energy and particles of the sea sand. Although you can’t see the sand, you feel it… with your heart. And unconscious smile appears on your face. This picture seems to be ideal, except one thing: you are here and the sea is there…

There is a popular belief, if you have a strong faith in miracle, it will come true. The Waterpark is glad to provide the Belorussian people with the whole island for pleasant recreation time and memorable moments. The territory of the waterpark “Lebyazhy” lies on the bank of the reservoir “Drozdy”. It is seemed that the silence dins into the ears and the abundance of greenery around saturates us with oxygen and energy. It is the nature that will provide you with a haven from the city hustle and bustle for having great recreation period.

Water acquires a new sense with the opening of our Waterpark. It has a special energy which will charge you up for a long time. We promise you great emotions and superb rest, as the Waterpark “Lebyazhy” is also a SEA… of joy and bright emotions.

Just figures…

The entertainment complex “Waterpark “Lebyazhy” can welcome up to 2 thousand people at a time. The pass-through capacity of the waterpark per day is 7800 visitors in summer and 6700 visitors in winter. It is approximately 2,5 million visitors per year.